polycom e education solution

video collaboration system

Polycom® EagleEye Director

Connected to several sites but unsure who’s asking questions or requested a lecturer to repeat a point? Polycom® EagleEye Director changes the face of group video communications by enabling close-up views of every speaker, regardless of their location or the number of people in the room, with automated camera pan, tilt, and zoom. The ideal accessory for video collaboration systems in lecture theatres, the Polycom® EagleEye Director automatically locates and focuses on active speakers through voice triangulation and face detection technology, enabling every person in a video conference to not just be a voice in a large room, but a fully participating member of discussions through face-to-face interaction.

mobile face to face interaction

Polycom® RealPresence™ Mobile

Expand the reach of your video network to a mobile device, interact face-to-face, share content with your colleagues and students from wherever you are. Open new opportunities for teamwork and collaborate face-to-face with anyone from anywhere— improving work-life balance, collaborative learning, research and student productivity across and beyond the campus.

distance learning education video recorder

Polycom® RSS™ 4000

Polycom® RSS™ 4000 is a standards-based video recording, streaming, and playback solution for video-enabled organisations that need to capture and record video meetings and training. In an online education environment, where on-demand access to lectures, tutorials and research collaborations can ensure optimum knowledge-sharing, Polycom® RSS™ 4000 aids all recordings to be securely played back on telepresence and video conferencing systems or via web browser.

unified communication platform

Polycom® CX Desktop Phones Optimised for Microsoft™ Lync™

Empower your employees to connect and communicate over a unified platform by leveraging solutions that integrate voice and video. Built to be an extension of Microsoft™ Lync™, the Polycom® CX series takes the simplicity, ease of use, and familiar Lync interface to environments throughout an organisation. Unlike other video room systems, the CX700 delivers the same Lync user experience from desktop to conference room and leverages Polycom’s cutting-edge audio and video technologies to deliver lifelike communications in a group setting.

polycom it elearning board

Polycom® UC Board™

The innovative and first-of-its-kind Polycom® UC Board™ increases productivity and interaction between remote sites by enabling users to simply pick up a pen and freely share ideas, providing the ability to “video whiteboard” ideas and concepts, and annotate on screen in real-time. Unlike other whiteboards, Polycom® UC Board™ is a small device that natively integrates the full Polycom® solution with existing whiteboards or LCD monitors, allowing for quick and cost-effective whiteboard collaboration.

polycom real presence collaboration servers

Polycom® RealPresence™ Collaboration Server

Polycom® RealPresence™ Collaboration Server is central for multiparty video, voice, and content collaboration that connects the most people at the highest quality for the lowest cost, without expensive gateways, extra licenses, or hidden costs. Polycom® RealPresence™ Collaboration Servers enable organisations to share the next great idea face-to-face, from anywhere, anytime through video and content collaboration.

e education media manager

Polycom® RealPresence™ Media Manager  

Polycom® RealPresence™ Media Manager video content management solution helps organisations launch and expand online educational initiatives, communications, and training. The Media Manager streamlines the processes, devices, and technology required to produce and distribute media effectively over existing IT infrastructures, and is the industry’s only complete platform to support the content lifecycle of all video assets regardless of source or format.  Media Manager helps stream and capture lectures, making content accessible on the go, video libraries searchable and viewable, and measure how video assets are used for effective delivery of on-demand learning resources.

distance learning education conference phones

Polycom® conference phones

Verbal communication is what keeps the information flowing through any organisation. Whether communicating with colleagues, customers, or suppliers, you should be able to focus on the message, not the technology. Polycom’s industry-leading conference phones enable shorter and more productive meetings and through the patented Polycom® Acoustic Clarity™ technology, it allows group calls without echos, drop-outs or feedback.

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